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Canon David was born in Longsight, Manchester, during the war, not the Boer War and after the war we moved to Mauldeth Road to a bungalow built by German Prisoners of War. One of the prisoners became the goalkeeper for Manchester City Bert Trautmann*. I went as a boy with my Father to support Manchester City at Maine Road, witnessing some fearsome local derbies with Manchester United and hearing some great and humourous witticisms.
PARISH DEACON Rev. James Burleigh Telephone: 01843 841549
I studied for the priesthood at the Royal College of St Alban, Valladolid, Spain for six years divided into two periods of three years with a summer break to return home after the first three years! For those six years our lives were ruled by the bell, a very disciplined regime. Our text books and lectures were in Latin, which, despite 'A' Level Latin with Roman History, took some time to tune into Latin with a Spanish accent. I survived mainly through prayer and reading fiction, providing a very singular escape into other worlds. I have worked in a number of parishes in Southwark and spent a time with the Holy Ghost Fathers in Bickley completing my MTh at Heythrop College. I have enjoyed the parishes which I have served St John the Baptist, Purley, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Broadstairs, St Thomas's, Canterbury and what better place now than The Holy Family in Birchington and Westgate. *Bert Trautmann, was Manchester City's German goalkeeper who famously played on for the last 15 minutes despite breaking his neck during the 1956 FA Cup Final (No substitutes were permitted in those days). Trautmann was a former paratrooper and prisoner of war, who played for City from 1949 to 1964.
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CELEBRATION OF FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: today, Sunday 23rd June in Birchngton during the 9.15 am Mass ---█--- THE TUESDAY GROUP: this week at 7.30 pm on 25th June in the Church Hall ---█--- MASS FOR THE SICK: next Sunday, 30th June at 3 pm in Birchington. See newsletter for contact telephone numbers if you wish to receive a blessing ---█--- CAN YOU HELP? The Annual Scripture Union Holiday Club will be using our Hall from 29 July to 9 August - we need volunteers to help in the kitchen, call Claire Osborn on 01843 847931 if you can help ---█--- DEANERY MASS IN HONOUR OF ST MILDRED: Sunday 14th July at the Anglican Church of St Mary the Virgin, Minster at 3 pm (Fr. Philip Seed is the principal celebrant)