Office Hours: Monday 10 am to 3 pm Tuesday 10 am to 3 pm Thursday 10 am to 2 pm Friday 10 am to 2 pm
Please contact Parish Secretary for all bookings, Mass Offerings, Appointments, Inquires, all general parish business, insertions for the Weekly Parish Newsletter. g Please note that all items for inclusion in the Newsletter must be received by Tuesday pm in order to go in the newsletter the following week
PARISH OFFICE: The Presbytery, Minnis Road, Birchington CT7 9SF telephone: 01843 841549 email: website:
NEW EMAIL ADDRESS Parish of The Holy Family   Thanet ___
Parish Secretaries:  
Michele Arterton and Sandra Rodrigues
The office is closed on a WEDNESDAY. As a reminder, the Parish email address is and the telephone number is 01843 841 549. 
CELEBRATION OF FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: today, Sunday 23rd June in Birchngton during the 9.15 am Mass ---█--- THE TUESDAY GROUP: this week at 7.30 pm on 25th June in the Church Hall ---█--- MASS FOR THE SICK: next Sunday, 30th June at 3 pm in Birchington. See newsletter for contact telephone numbers if you wish to receive a blessing ---█--- CAN YOU HELP? The Annual Scripture Union Holiday Club will be using our Hall from 29 July to 9 August - we need volunteers to help in the kitchen, call Claire Osborn on 01843 847931 if you can help ---█--- DEANERY MASS IN HONOUR OF ST MILDRED: Sunday 14th July at the Anglican Church of St Mary the Virgin, Minster at 3 pm (Fr. Philip Seed is the principal celebrant)