THE NEW PARISH The   Parish   of   The   Holy   Family   –   Thanet   was   formed   towards   the   end   of   2010.   This   followed   a period   which   began   with   the   retirement   of   Canon   Bill   Clements   (parish   priest   from   December 1990   to   August   2009);   the   appointment   of   Fr   Don   Coleman   as   parish   priest   of   Our   Lady   and   St Benedict,   Birchington,   and   Moderator   (Canon   Laws   517,   526/7) *   of   St   Peter’s,   Westgate-on-Sea, where Fr John Slater was priest-in-charge of the Westgate parish. In   August   2010   Fr   John   retired   from   full   time   ministry   with   Fr   Don   taking   over   the   additional duties   of   being   the   only   pastor   to   both   parishes.   After   discussions   with   the   parishioners   of   both churches,   and   Archbishop   Peter   Smith’s   decision   to   “Canonically   suppress”   (Canon   Law   515)‡   both   church   parishes   to   a   single   entity,   the   newly   combined   Catholic   parish   came   into   existence on 22nd November 2010. Fr   Don   retired   as   parish   priest   in   August   2012   and   was   replaced   by   Fr   Paul   Connelly   who,   due   to ill health, left the parish in August 2014. In   September   2014   Archbishop   Peter   appointed   Canon   David   Caine   as   the   new   parish   priest   of The Holy Family – Thanet.
Can.   515   §1.   A   parish   is   a   certain   community   of   the   Christian   faithful   stably   constituted   in   a   particular   church,   whose pastoral care is entrusted to a pastor (parochus) as its proper pastor (pastor) under the authority of the diocesan bishop. §2.   It   is   only   for   the   diocesan   bishop   to   erect,   suppress,   or   alter   parishes.   He   is   neither   to   erect,   suppress,   nor   alter   notably parishes, unless he has heard the presbyteral council. * Can.   517   §1.   When   circumstances   require   it,   the   pastoral   care   of   a   parish   or   of   different   parishes   together   can   be entrusted   to   several   priests   in   solidum,   with   the   requirement,   however,   that   in   exercising   pastoral   care   one   of   them   must be the moderator, namely, the one who is to direct the joint action and to answer for it to the bishop. §2.   If,   because   of   a   lack   of   priests,   the   diocesan   bishop   has   decided   that   participation   in   the   exercise   of   the   pastoral   care of   a   parish   is   to   be   entrusted   to   a   deacon,   to   another   person   who   is   not   a   priest,   or   to   a   community   of   persons,   he   is   to appoint some priest who, provided with the powers and faculties of a pastor, is to direct the pastoral care. Can.   526   §1.   A   pastor   is   to   have   the   parochial   care   of   only   one   parish;   nevertheless,   because   of   a   lack   of   priests   or   other circumstances, the care of several neighbouring parishes can be entrusted to the same pastor. §2.   In   the   same   parish   there   is   to   be   only   one   pastor   or   moderator   in   accord   with   the   norm   of   can.   517,   §1;   any   contrary custom is reprobated and any contrary privilege whatsoever is revoked. Can.   527   §1.   The   person   who    has   been   promoted   to   carry   out   the   pastoral   care   of   a   parish   obtains   this   care   and   is bound to exercise it from the moment of taking possession.
Parish of The Holy Family   Thanet
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