Ursuline   College   is   an   excellent   school   which   upholds   high   standards   of   academic attainment   and   behaviour.   They   firmly   believe   there   is   no   ceiling   on   achievement   and   that   in every   individual   there   is   the   potential   to   succeed.   The   school   is   one   where   young   people   can enjoy   learning   and   they   are   given   opportunities   to   develop   their   talents   to   the   full. They   always aim to deliver high quality teaching in a supportive and caring learning environment. As   an   Ursuline   school   the   Catholic   Christian   ethos   is   important   to   them.    It   allows   the school   to   nurture   our   young   people   so   that   they   feel   safe   and   secure   whilst   developing   a respect   for   others   and   the   wider   world   in   which   they   live.   They   are   an   open,   tolerant   and inclusive    school    where    there    is    an    emphasis    on    developing    character    and    values.    It    is important   to   them   to   develop   excellent   pastoral   care   so   that   pupils   feel   happy   and   supported, they   acknowledge   that   good   pastoral   care   underpins   academic   achievement.   Their   most recent    Ofsted    report    noted    that     “Students    behave    with    care    and    courtesy.    They    are friendly   and   polite”   (Ofsted   2015).    Recognising   that   children   are   motivated   by   learning experiences   beyond   the   classroom   so   they   aim   to   give   them   the   chance   to   experience   this. Ultimately    their    aim    to    provide    an    innovative    and    forward    looking    education    to    prepare students for their future. The   school   is   part   of   the   Kent   Catholic   Schools’   Partnership   which   is   a   multi-academy   trust consisting   of   around   20   schools   in   Kent.   The   school   benefits   from   the   advantages   a   large organisation like this can provide and has developed close links with other schools as a result.
Parish of The Holy Family   Thanet
225 Canterbury Road, Westgate-on-Sea, CT8 8LX Telephone: 01843 834431  info@ursuline.kent.sch.uk
CELEBRATION OF FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: today, Sunday 23rd June in Birchngton during the 9.15 am Mass ---█--- THE TUESDAY GROUP: this week at 7.30 pm on 25th June in the Church Hall ---█--- MASS FOR THE SICK: next Sunday, 30th June at 3 pm in Birchington. See newsletter for contact telephone numbers if you wish to receive a blessing ---█--- CAN YOU HELP? The Annual Scripture Union Holiday Club will be using our Hall from 29 July to 9 August - we need volunteers to help in the kitchen, call Claire Osborn on 01843 847931 if you can help ---█--- DEANERY MASS IN HONOUR OF ST MILDRED: Sunday 14th July at the Anglican Church of St Mary the Virgin, Minster at 3 pm (Fr. Philip Seed is the principal celebrant)